Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danish Dah Pandai Tunjuk Tantrum! Arrgghh

Went to the mall last weekend to get Danish his first haircut. Later went browsing thru some baby clothes and Danish pilih okaayyy. haih demanding betul. Kite pilih tak nak. Sampai dress pun nak:)

Anyway nak pegi cashier terpaksalah lalu the toy section & he was running dah tak pandang belakang dah & grab whatever toy he sees. Refused to let it go, jadi saya pun belilaaaahh. haiihh. Lepas tu nak pegi beli mineral water & there it was SWEETS & CHOCOLATES that are all over the shop which danish asyik nak amik itu ini. adddooii. I bukan apa, at a young age being exposed to such junkfoods & unhealthy treats lainlah kalau kite ni yang dah tua bangka kan. Mestilah nak jaga, & plus his teeth are already bad enough okay. Gara2 perbuatan *** ! isshh, he was grabing all kinds of sweets yang I sendiri pun tak pernah dengar nama brand apa. I tried to distract him with other stuff & he was shouting & crying & oh my my god berguling atas lantai okay.

It was the first time he reacted like that & I really don't know what to do. so, belilah juga that sweet (actually he wanted the toy attached to it). Then2, while I was paying he wanted another one. Sebenarnya kereta mainan but this one was bigger than the other one. So, oleh kerana hendak stop him from crying I paid RM 5 for that silly looking toy yang dimana sekarang dah tak ada tayar yang telah dibuang dalam lubang jamban.

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